The British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) has become the world’s pre-eminent corporate domicile since the enactment of the landmark International Business Companies Act in 1984. It maintains a leadership position through flexible legislation, quality financial services, a commitment to privacy and its integrity and stability as a jurisdiction.
The establishment of the BVI Business Companies Act was further instrumental in the Territory’s success in being able to attract significant numbers of mutual fund, captive insurance and trust companies to its shores.

Why the BVI?

The BVI is a British overseas territory with a legal system based on English common law. Politically stable, the islands have established a thriving international business industry, recognised and ranked among the world’s top offshore jurisdictions.
As an international finance centre, BVI offers:

  • an independent and robust Financial Services Commission acknowledged as a strong and sophisticated Regulator;
  • an international platform with a global footprint where Government has created strong international trade and diplomatic relationships.

If you are preparing to, or already do business in the BVI, Lanx Lancis would like to be your legal support partners.